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Welcome! My name is Michelle Ma-Jackson, a.k.a. modachick. I have been working as a Website and Graphic Designer since 2000. I am currently based in Bristol, England since 2004.

I specialise in building user-friendly and standard compliant websites that are effective in conveying brand message to the customers. I also have extensive experience in helping businesses brand, rebrand and develop their marketing collateral to help their business grow.

Prior to being a freelance designer, I had worked as a fashion coordinator for an Itlalian brand. Combining with my education in Product Design, Printing & Photography, I can offer you a global strategy to successfully promote your business.

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If you are writing to me because you have a project that you think I might benefit to, then please briefly describe the scale of the project, time scale and what you would like to achieve.

I would also be glad to receive any constructive criticism. In any case, thank you for contacting me!

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